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Econo Lodge Paducah KY - August 18 - August 19, 2018

It started off OK.. check in , clean room. We were out for a majority of the time, got back around 2am. I went right to sleep, my boyfriend watched TV for another hour. Around 4am, I awoke and my face was on fire, I had 2 Large welts on my face I opened the light and we checked the bed... BED BUGS!!! I took pictures of them, we visually could find adults running on the sheets and behind the mattress close to the wall. One was filled with blood. We went down to the office, I had one bed bug in a tissue. The night manager didn't seem too concerned, told me to toss the bug in the trash...gave some excuse about house keeping missing them or something like that. I showed him my welts and he was like " what time did you check in??.... and youre only noticing this now??!! Why yes...we only noticed them at night time during the dark because they hide and when it gets dark they come out to search for a blood meal. It's not like they come out during the day. All we got was to change rooms, so we did. Switched to a non smoking room that was hot and humid and smelled like an ashtray. Had to deal with the room phone ringing and hanging up. In the morning we went back to the office and told our story again. The manager came over...he didn't seem like he cared, said he had not had any complaints about bed bugs before and that it probably wasn't bed bugs like I was lying... the lady at the desk mumbled told ya so to him. Look... I'm a 46 year old woman, I know what bed bugs look like. I asked for compensation, they said having the room changed was compensation.

They took my information, said something about exterminator would check to confirm and I'd get a call. I want my MONEY BACK, FULLY REFUNDED for this aggravation. Now WE have to worry about ensuring all our belongings in that room we bring home are not infested with the bed bugs because they will now infest our home. Please take what we experienced as the truth and do something about it before the other rooms get them too! I want my money back, we will not be back to this location if we are in Paducah in the future. Please contact me !! Room #117 is the bed bug room!!! Room 121 is the one we were transferred to.

Id also like to say that NO ONE even said that they were sorry and even cared that I had been bitten while asleep.

Thank you!!!

Hotels.com confirmation number8146324009807$67.79

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $68.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Econo Lodge Pros: Location, Price off booking site.

Econo Lodge Cons: Bed bugs, Uncaring staff.

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