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I been here at the econo lodge gor almost three months. I never had any trouble last night while i was sleeping something bit me on my arm i turned on the light and there was a bug in my be someone told me it was a bed bug i never seen this before while i been here all the money i spent staying here cause i have no place to go.dont get me wrong i love the staff cause they look out for me.

But what i seen last night. I need a free room and move to another room.

Product or Service Mentioned: Econo Lodge Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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No, you don't need a free room. Have the staff check your bed and room for bedbugs.

If they find any, they can move you to another room and decontaminate the room, etc. It could have been any kind of bug. Do a search for bedbugs and take a look at what they actually look like before you jump to conclusions.

Bedbugs have become epidemic in certain area due to the massive influx of third world, illegal aliens coming into the country---in addition to diseases like TB that we eradicated decades ago. Hopefully, this will change with the new sheriff in town.