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I would like to take this time to fully document my recent stay with one of your hotel locations in Fort Wayne, IN. I stayed at Econo Lodge located at 5707 Challenger Parkway (IN367). The General Manager is Umesh Patel and his phone number is 260-489-8888.

The following events occurred in chronological order as indicated in the bullet points below:

• Upon entering the room the Air Conditioning was not turned on and the room was very hot – close to 100 degrees.

o Once turning the Air Conditioning on it took 3 hours to get the room down to a comfortable temperature.

• The door did not shut properly. The door is not aligned with the door jam and hits the side. You have to pull the door up and then press hardly to make sure the door locks. This should not be a common practice when staying at any hotel.

• I asked for a restaurant recommendation, Umesh recommended a Thai restaurant down the road. As it turns out this restaurant is closed and has been for 4 months. It would seem as the Hotel General Manager would know where to recommend guests where to go eat.

• The toilet in my room leaks when flushing. A lot of water around the base of the toilet.

o When Umesh came to my room he looked at it and didn’t do anything about it. I was the one that cleaned up all of the water around the toilet. I have included the pictures which are attached.

• My iron did not work in the outlet that I plugged into. I called the front desk and they brought me a new iron which also did not work. 10 minutes later I receive a call from Umesh indicating that the circuits are all on but the light switch needs to be on. Seems that he should have known that while in my room and not 10 minutes later.

• I asked for a wakeup call at 7:00 am and I received a wakeup call at 6:00 am. I fell back asleep and never received the actual 7:00 am wake up call.

I realize that I did not book a room at a high end hotel, however, I expect that the above does not happen during my stay. This to me is unacceptable. The way Umesh handled the concerns also very unacceptable. To tell me that I was the worst customer he has ever dealt with is beyond unacceptable. My concerns are justified and I expect retribution. It is not the cost of the room – it is the principle. If these are the types of owner operators that are running your Econo Lodges maybe the bar should be set higher.

Please see the below email I received from Umesh. NOT ACCEPTABLE TO SEND THIS TO A CUSTOMER.


MR Michael Jackway


DEAR Michael Jackway

I would like to take this opportunity to address your concerns regarding your recent stay.

I apologize that your stay incorrect .

Regarding your comment about Room 204 although we try to honor guest requests it is not always possible which is why we do not guarantee guest requests.

Regarding the room AC OFF ( is not on) , I again apologize.


i help each time u call,wake up call u tall me breakfast time.and is 6 to 9 so i set 6.00 am

Due to all of the issues that we experienced during your stay regarding noise and other disruptions to other guests no will no longer be welcome to stay at our hotel and have been added to a

Do NOT ot Rent List.


Umesh Patel

General Manager

Product or Service Mentioned: Econo Lodge Room.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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This is good service by Bombay's standards. Just there was toilet paper and you were'n't given a bucket of water to clean your backside.


What the ***?? Fire that dude!!


There is more then one complaint about this place and those who run it..........


Sounds they tried to help out and make it comfortable for you..things happen. .seems like it was nit picking

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