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Hello, I'm writing about my recent stay at a choice hotel. On Friday 09/08/17 I checked in to room 236 in Knoxville TN's Econo Lodge at 500 Lovell Rd.

I'm sad to say that I was very very disappointed in the room and service that I received. The first thing I noticed when I got into my room was the three inch gap at the bottom of the door. I was concerned with outside creatures coming in. The second thing that snatched my attention was the cigarette burns in my soft brown blankets.

Third thing was the holes in the shower walls along with a dirty shower certain. Lastly the refrigerator didn't work! I picked up the phone dialed 0 and told the employee about my four concerns. I was told to roll up a towel and place it at the bottom of the door for concern #1, he apologized for concern #2 & #3, and he told me to reset the refrigerator for concern #4.

After I explained that I don't know anything about resetting a refrigerator he told me that maintenance would come to my room in 30 minutes. Two hours later no one had came to reset the refrigerator so i called back to remind the staff that I was still needing help with the refrigerator because my breastmilk has to stay cold so my daughter can eat. The staff gave me directions to the ice machine instead. THE ICE MACHINE DIDN'T WORK EITHER!!

So instead of calling the staff member back I decided to go inside. The gentleman told me I have to press the button very hard for the ice to come out. I kept explaining that I don't need ice! I need a working refrigerator.

So I waited for him to call maintenance in front of me so I could assure that it'll get done. Maintenance came to the room and said that everything was working just fine. I asked how is that and it warm inside?? He replied "They all are like that.

I can switch it out but the next one will be the exact same." The maintenance man was very helpful as he tried to sell me a coupon book during the whole thing. - The small flying insects in the room and the hotel being under construction didn't bother me at all. - The next morning as I prepared to check out there was three dogs scratching on my door and barking.

I could see the paws at the bottom of my door through the 3 inch gap. My daughter and I was very scared and of course I called the staff to report what was happening outside my door and nothing happened.

Product or Service Mentioned: Econo Lodge Room.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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