Carney, Michigan
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To h.kitcher: No, I do not agree about the surcharge. Say I pay with my card, at a restaurant, for my burger.

There is an amount charged on my card and the amount is stated, then without my knowledge they add a surcharge. There is nothing, in writing, giving them the authority to do so, as they do not have the right. When a company agrees to accept my card, they accept the 3 to 5 percent, which they agree to pay. What I am saying is if they choose to charge me, it should be in writing on the bill, which this charge was not.

I know it is a fine line, but they had no right to cross it. Type your message here

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Those people at the Econo Lodge were being as dishonest as a Carney! Everyone knows that those games are rigged so that hardly anyone ever wins!