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I work for Montgomery County Maryland Government and I paid for a client to stay at the Econo Lodge (MD166) on Dates 11/4/2019 - 11/6/2019. We I paid for the reservation over the telephone I requested a Credit Card Authorization Form, filled it out and faxed it back with copies of my drivers licenses, credit card front/back, and Tax Exemption card.

First we were still charged City/ County tax of $11.06.

Here below is a rundown of what the bill looks like from the Econo Lodge, which is very confusing and I need some clarification:


Date: 11/25/19, Room: 121,

Arrival Date: 11/4/19

Departure Date:11/6/19

Check In Time:11/4/19 12:45 PM

Check Out Time:11/6/19 10:27 AM

You were checked out by: Ahamid; You were checked in by: Ahamid

Total Balance Due: 0.00

PostDateDescriptionComment 11/4/19

Master Card:Amount (237.00)


11/4/19Room Charge#121 ClientLastName, ClientFirstName(D.D.) 79.00

11/5/19Room Charge#121 ClientLastName, ClientFirstName79.00

11/6/19City/ County Tax 11.06

11/6/19Master CardAdjustment 67.94


Pollo Summary 11/4/19 - 11/6/19

Room Charge 158.00

City / County Tax 11.06

Master Card _________(169.06)

Balance Due: 0.00

Pleas have someone call me 240-777-3812 to explain what is going on with this bill, I cannot speak with "Ahamid" because we've had two instances where we just were not communicating well and it was very exhausting trying to get her to understand my situation. I will not put myself through that again.

Thank you,

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Really? As a government worker you should be able to understand that gibberish just as if it was written using the Queen's English.

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